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Unreleased Tupac’s Handwritten Notebooks And New Music Unearthed


tupac-notebook-cd-3-unearhedTupac Shakur is believed to have recorded hundreds of unreleased tracks before his murder in 1996..

Music, lyrics and hand-written notes by the late Tupac Shakur have been discovered nearly two decades after his death.

Via TMZ;

Tupac Shakur keeps on giving … with until now undiscovered, unreleased music, handwritten notes and lyrics from the rapper … and they’re going to the highest bidder.

The goods are pretty awesome … 3 notebooks containing a bunch of handwritten Pac ideas and lyrics, and some CDs with unreleased tracks.

We’re told the lucky finder got his hands on the items after answering a Craigslist ad for baseball cards. It just so happened the seller had the Tupac merch too … his dad worked with the rapper for years.

As for authenticity … the handwriting in the notebooks matches handwriting in the prison letter that hit the market for $255k in October on the site Moments in Time. MiT is also selling the newly discovered items.

It won’t come cheap … the two-page “Point The Finga” music video notes are expected to pull $35k minimum.

Pac’s relatives want to block the sale. Tupac’s mom, Afeni, has a strict policy of pursuing buyers and sellers of her son’s memorabilia.


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