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Skepta & Suspect – Look Alive (Remix)


Skepta & Suspect – Look Alive (Remix)

The U.K.’s grime scene has been bubbling for a minute but much of its international recognition in recent times is due to Skepta. The release of Konnichiwa brought him a whole new level of fame but he hasn’t “sold out,” so to speak.

He’s still very involved in London’s grime scene and works with up and coming artists to shed light on what they have to offer. Most recently, he linked up with Suspect to remix Drake and Blocboy JB’s smash single, “Look Alive.” Skepta & Suspect connect for their latest collaboration on “Stay Alive.”

Skepta takes on the role of Drake on the track while Suspect gives a Blocboy JB vibe, even to the delivery. There’s been a lot of solid remixes in the U.K. scene of this song but Skepta and Suspect delivered probably the best version yet.


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