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Rapper Vector regrets fight, parting ways with former Label, YSG


The ‘King Kong’ crooner, however, said the experience taught him a lot of lessons; adding that everything happens for a reason.


Speaking in a chat with Punch, Vector said:”To be honest with you, the only reason I was taken to court was because I was popular or becoming popular. I must have mismanaged information on my part as well. I hate the fact that it slowed down my music and I lost money too.

“But I have learnt to try to be more patient and understanding with people. You cannot fight with people forever regardless of what could have happened. I have reached out to my former label and we have spoken.

“Everything happens for a reason and I am grateful for my present position. Everyone regrets things; I regret things too but I just don’t dwell on them for too long. I will be stupid to tell you that I didn’t regret something that escalated to the extent that I could not make music for a year or so.

“Of course, I had regrets but I never let it drag me down. I took all the money I had and invested it in a studio.”


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